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100ft Full spectrum Led Grow String Lights

100ft Full spectrum Led Grow String Lights

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✦ Full Spectrum Sunlight  

OMNI-HW plant grow bulbs provide the full spectrum of sunlight. High performance and efficiency make your plants grow faster and healthier. It promotes photosynthesis and increases growth rate, ideal for all stages of plant growth.

✦ Waterproof  

OMNI-HW grow bulbs are widely used in both indoor and outdoor farms and can adapt to weather. OMNI-HW plant grow string lights have an IP-64 rating. Waterproof Serial Connector.

✦ Large Lighting Area  

With 120-degree lighting angle for each bulb, OMNI-HW string lights have a large illumination area. It's economic and efficient to cover your gardens and greenhouses with these high-performance LED string Lights.

✦ Wide Voltage Input  

OMNI-HW LED string lights are installed wide range 100-277V AC LED driver, which takes power from your line source and outputs a DC voltage range while keeping your LEDs at a constant drive current. It is friendly to voltage fluctuation typically seen on generators and greatly extends LED bulbs lifespan.

✦ Robust Quality  

OMNI-HW LED light has strong heat dissipation efficiency, sturdiness and durability, and can adapt to various harsh environments. OMNI-HW product is of great performance as well as built-to-last. Value for money guaranteed.

✦ Additional  

60 Grow LEDs per Bulb.

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