We Have Your Home And Commercial Grow Needs Covered

We have everything from propagation lighting to Full-Spectrum supplemental lighting for greenhouses and Full-Spectrum High PPF output commercial lighting for farming of all types. We also have a line of grow tents for the home grower. Upon request we can do custom spectrum orders.

Our Sol-Series Line

Powerful and ready for large scale commercial growers or the small craft connoisseur home grows. These lights are top of the line and easy to install with their foldable design. Full-Spectrum LED with industry-leading PPF output values! The Sol Spectrum is one of a kind grow light with its preset and adjustable spectrum control programs and a heavy 3173 μmols of PPF output

Custom Projects

Work with us to find the setup that's right for your needs. We can suggest which products will best fit your location and yield goals. We can also integrate systems to control the room temperature, moisture levels, CO2 content, and light wavelengths. Also, we can offset your electricity costs with solar panel systems! Contact us to further discuss how we can help make your growing goals a reality!

Grow Smarter

We can provide custom LEDs to match your required light wavelengths for growing. With custom wavelengths, cannabis growers can yield up to five harvests per year.

Save Energy

LED's have a 99% efficiency while the traditional HPS lights can lose up to 20% of input energy to heat production.

Grow Greener

We can help you install solar systems to power your lights, reducing the carbon footprint of your farm

Save Money

We can work with you to ensure your project's energy consumption is offset by the solar system
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