Sol Series LED Lights

NEW SOL Series LED GROW Lights from OMNI HW
Powerful and ready for large scale commercial growers or the small craft connoisseur home grows.
These lights are top of the line and easy to install with their foldable design.
Super high PPF output and amazing spectrums.

The Sol Spectrum is one of a kind and off the charts with its preset and adjustable spectrum control programs and a heavy 3173 Umols of ppf output
added 365nm UV and 730 nm FR for fine tuning and complete full plant spectrum needs 

The Sol Shine
680w 8 bar Full spectrum commercial led horticulture Lighting
Great fit for Vertical racking systems  
2 Side bar upgrade available
1786 Umols of ppf output

Solshine Pro
750w 8 bar Full spectrum commercial led horticulture lighting
Powerful and Built tough, Fits well in vertical racking systems   
Samsung 301b diodes
2147 Umols

* we can also customize spectrums and wattage to your specific plants or facility

3 products

3 products